Ep 5: Benjamin Law


'I want to question what normal is, and why we define it as normal.'

Benjamin Law is a self-proclaimed 'prominent Asian and local homosexual'.

But, he's also many other things.

Benjamin is an author, TV screenwriter, journalist and newspaper columnist.

Most recently, he has been heralded as a pioneer of cultural diversity in the Australian television industry.

This conversation was recorded in the Sydney apartment Benjamin shares with his partner Scott.

Ep 4: Brenda Appleton

TRANS and gender diverse ADVOCATE

'When I started female hormones, I felt complete as a person for the very first time in my life.'

Brenda Appleton was fifty when she transitioned - and her whole life changed.

Fifteen years on, and Brenda is now the chair of Transgender Victoria and the co-chair of the Victorian Government's LGBTI Taskforce.

This conversation was recorded at Transgender Victoria.

Ep 3: Casey Conway

Youth worker

'I'm influencing positive change in the families of young people I'm working with.' 

Casey Conway is no stranger to the spotlight.

As a teenager, he was scouted to play on the professional rugby field.

After his premature retirement, he became the face of several high profile swimwear campaigns.

But, it's in youth work and advocacy that Casey has really found his voice.

This conversation was recorded in Casey's new hometown, Sydney.

Ep 2: Rowena Allen

Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality 



'When a mum comes up and hugs you and says 'you saved my life', that's priceless.'

Rowena Allen says they're too young to be dubbed an elder of the Australian rainbow community.

But, the title is less about age and more about Ro's role as a changemaker. 

Ro has worked in social justice for most of their adult life, and, as Victoria's first Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Ro's set a national standard for LGBT inclusion and equality.


This conversation was recorded at the Treasury Cafe, one of Ro's favourite haunts.

Ep 1: Declan Greene


Declan Greene (artwork by Addo Gustaf)

'In Australia, it's time for gay men to pass the mic along the line.'

At just 32, Declan Greene has become known for his unique and provocative form of queer theatre.

His latest play, The Homosexuals, or Faggots, interrogates the foibles of modern gay culture, challenging the community to be more than what it is.

This conversation was recorded at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne.